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Rules in Drinking Vodka

Most of you are drinking vodka, but do not know there are rules to do so. There is a Russian diner in Portland that shares the rules for drinking vodka the way Russians too. has more information on the Texas vodka.

How Russians drink their vodka

1. With a buddy system

Who would think that when you drink vodka, you will be needing someone to be with you. The buddy system to be done right, there should be someone with you, and there must also be food around. It is normally done in a social gathering with toasting. You will all drink the vodka and you must bite and eat some food.

2. Drink according to the occasion

When people drink vodka in Russia, they think about the end game. If you will pair it with food, you need to pick one that’s light, crispy and clean. That’s how they do that in European countries.

3. Chilling out

In some of the restaurants, they serve frozen vodkas. It alters the viscosity of the drink and makes it tasty. But, some flavorful vodkas could be muted when you freeze them, so setting the fridge to cool is just the perfect thing to do.

4. Control yourself

When people drink alcohol, they tend to go overboard of what they can only take. That is a common mistake of men and women that results in too much alcohol intake. With an oz. of vodka, you can control yourself. It is by the act of taking in small amounts that will enable you to throw a toast and be able to drink often without being drunk. That is the reason why there are small shot glasses at parties, for people to have control of their drinks. Come to think of it, if people were given a full glass for the vodka or any other alcoholic drinks, will they be able to finish the party and go home safely?

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