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Ventilating Your Automated Grow System Hydroponic

In and Out

Ventilation is very important in any indoor installation. Air should always be moving as this contributes to other factors in the environment. This is also true for automated grow system hydroponic which is an indoor garden.

You should keep in mind that there are two basic components in a ventilation system, the inward fan and the exhaust fan. The inward fan pushes air into the system. It gets air externally and brings air in. this can be done by putting a fan facing inside the grow room. For small indoor grow room, a small personal computer (PC) fan may be enough to the job.
The exhaust fan brings pushes the air outside the system. The air it pushes out comes from within the system. It kinds of expels the used air. This can be done by using small exhaust fans. Conventional exhaust fans, like the ones used in bathrooms, however, tend to produce loud sounds which can disturb people living inside the house. This is not ideal because the purpose of indoor gardening can be to relax. You can look for exhausts that produce low sound.

Keeping Cool

One main reason for using ventilation in an automated grow system is to keep the temperature inside the system in an acceptable level. This is imperative because temperature contributes to how plants grow. High temperature can cause dehydration as plants cannot absorb the amount of water it needs. Keeping plants hydrated will help it grow faster as the water helps in the transportation of nutrients inside the plant.

Air rotation is also important. This is because plans need the right amount of carbon dioxide and oxygen. Plants tend to use up the carbon dioxide in the air and then excrete oxygen. When there is no air circulation the level of carbon dioxide will be depleted and no additional carbon dioxide can enter.

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